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Student Teaching at Woodlawn and Hubbell

"... She kind of took me under her wing, and I could do just about anything I wanted to because she was so delighted to have someone new and enthusiastic in her room, and energetic."
Interview, Spring 2006

Bridge Games and Dances

"The canteen was by far the best place to go, down in Jewett Hall ... that was the fun place to go."
Interview, Spring 2006

Campus Fashion and a Kiss Under the Chancellor's Elm

"We all wore skirts, even when it was bitterly cold."
Interview, Spring 2006

Special Girl Friends and Keeping in Touch

"To this day, every time we go to Hawaii, I see Ethel."
Interview, Spring 2006

Remembering Drake Basketball

"Basketball was absolutely in its prime while I was here, and the best of the best were on the team."
Interview, Spring 2006

Choosing Drake

"... At Roosevelt, I became quite involved with the Future Teachers of America ... and would call upon the Drake University College of Education to come talk to us, so I knew a lot about Drake before I even came to Drake. And that's when I thought there's no other school but Drake for me."
Interview, Spring 2006

Campus Life

"I never really became a part of the dorm life or uh, I did go through rush. Which was a traumatic experience-- not my best experience."
Interview, Spring 2006

Relationships and Events

"I had some of the most wonderful professors that the College of Education has ever had... "
Interview, Spring 2006

Life After Drake

"Drake is an excellent school and if you choose it, you should be as involved as you can, not only with the school, the college, but outside the college..."
Interview, Spring 2006