Florence Wallace Myers

Florence Wallace1926

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Winning an Adding Machine Contest

"In a heart-to-heart visit with my Dad, he urged me to enroll in some courses of business, as the economy of the area was becoming a problem. He was [an] atty. For and on the Board of the Iowa Loan & Trust Co. which closed, and having commitments to meet, he could not promise much help with my college plans. That was alright with me. I took shorthand, typing and bookkeeping asked me to have my learning experience by keeping the books of the school lunch room purchases and pay the bills, under the supervision of the director of the lunch room. It just happened that Burroughs Adding Machine Co. had come out with a new Model, and se up a contest for publicity, with one student from each of the three High Schools to hold the contest in public. I represented West High as we demonstrated in the auditorium, the new HANDLE on the side of the machine, which had to be PULLED! I won the contest for speed and efficiency, and my prize was the largest box of Whitman Sampler Chocolates."

Planning the Relays and Meeting Her Husband

"The Business Manager, Ed Lytton, wanted my help, and I enrolled in my classes. He was also advisor to the Relays Committee, and each Saturday for a full year (starting the week after the spring Relays is completed) the Committee meets in his office to plan for the next year's Relays. I met with them on Saturday, and took the minutes of the planning.The new stadium was used for the first time that year. A large tent was installed in the center of the field for use of the coaches, reporters, committee members and officials. I ran the Burroughs Adding Machine, recording all the points being run and the schools winning them. It was fun and exciting, but very different than today! I also took dictation from then our President Morehouse, and another year, asked to be Secretary to the Alumni Secretary, Robert Finch. In that office, I first met my husband-to-be, Irving Willis (Barney) Myers from Hampton, Iowa."

Choosing Drake

"On graduation it was obvious there would be no college experience at that time, so I applied for a secretarial position which landed me in the office of the Retail Merchant's Secretary of the D. M. Chamber of Commerce. I was typing away one day when the chairman of the Manufactures Bureau stopped at my desk and asked my plans for school in the fall? I replied that I had none. He said, loudly, 'Look, you have a good chance to go to my alma mater, Drake. Their offices need part-time students for help as secretaries. You can plan your classes for part of each day, and work in an office will help with tuition.' So, I did!"

Life After Drake

"In my freshman year I pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma, and while working in the Alumni Office my senior year, our magazine The Key asked for applications of members who would like to serve the newly established Central Office in St. Louis, Mo., as Executive Secretary. I applied, and was accepted. So, I went there in '26 and enjoyed watching the send-off of Lindbergh for his great flight, and the celebration of his return. George Sisler's wife was a Kappa, who gave me a box seat ticket to attend all the Cardinal games with her, and I went! Of my Dad's four daughters, I was the baseball fan, and so, I did enjoy shaking Babe Ruth's hand when playing there."