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Living a Charmed Life

"I came from a home where I never saw unhappiness, disruption, cruelty or cross words."
Interview, Spring 2006

A Daring Roof-Top Stunt

"You could only get on that roof by coming through a window. And there were three of us in charge of the decorations and they said they just couldn't get out on that roof... so I said 'Hey! I'll do it!"
Interview, Spring 2006

Choosing Drake

"The Depression was on and Drake was a fine school, and nearly all of my close friends were going to be going to Drake."
Interview, Spring 2006

Campus Life

"I'll never forget the very first party of the sorority ... I had a new wine-colored velvet dress, calf length ... then got to the party and found out that the theme of the party was 'exercise time'."
Interview, Spring 2006