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Biggest Changes on Campus

"When I came here, we did our term papers on typewriters."
Interview, Spring 2006

Dorm Memories

"... I remember you'd name your floor and do the big mural painting."
Interview, Spring 2006

When MTV and VCRs Were New

"People could watch MTV all day long. Michael Jackson and Thriller ... we had never seen anything like this ... that was huge."
Interview, Spring 2006

Best Part of Your Drake Experience

"... a belief in myself.maintaining confidence ... being able to use the gifts that God gave me."
Interview, Spring 2006

Choosing Drake

"... the way I came to Drake was through track. I really didn't search out any colleges... it just kind of fell in my lap that it was the one track coach that went further than sending just a letter saying we're interested in you. And he furthered it up with a phone call..."
Interview, Spring 2006

Campus Life

"... during finals you would have these quiet periods ... There were no radios ... And then they would have what they called release hours where you could be loud and let loose and yell out the windows."
Interview, Spring 2006

Relationships and Events

"I came into Drake as an undecided major, and soon thereafter switched to math. My advisor was a Dr. Kleiner who is still on campus, and he's wonderful."
Interview, Spring 2006