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A Racial Classroom Experience

"... one professor ... made it clear that he did not want quote unquote niggers in his classroom, and didn't feel we belonged at Drake."
Interview, Spring 2006

Dormitory Curfew

"... females had curfew, males didn't. We actually had key cards ... you had to use this key card, which meant that the house mother would know that you were out past curfew."
Interview, Spring 2006

Renewed Faith During Difficult Times

"Mary Paquette was the one who took a stand against what some of the white students were doing with the Black students ... she made it clear that it was unfair and unjust to treat people based on their differences."
Interview, Spring 2006

Sporting Events and Athletics

"In 1969 was when Drake went to the Final Four ... so, Vets Auditorium ... was packed ... those were exciting times."
Interview, Spring 2006

Choosing Drake

"When I arrived on campus, it was just a feel ... that this is not bad ... and sitting on a bench out in front of Old Main ... the squirrels came right up to me and I thought, ok, the squirrels are even friendly, this must be the place."
Interview, Spring 2006

Relationships and Events

"To this day, the five of us, even though we're in different parts of the country, we will get together may be once every two or three years. And that's where you always hear about you form probably your life long relationships at college ... that's really true."
Interview, Spring 2006

World Events

"I had some internal conflicts because I was very much of the camp of Martin Luther King, Jr. and non-violent being the way for us to make a difference."
Interview, Spring 2006

Life After Drake

"... enjoy life. Enjoy the challenges because you're going to have them... Always focus on lessons learned. Be open and explore. Always use your mind. Be civic minded... and make a difference."
Interview, Spring 2006