Selecting Drake University

Anne AndersonClass of 1963
"At Roosevelt, I became quite involved with the Future Teachers of America . and would call upon the Drake University College of Education to come talk to us, so I knew a lot about Drake before I even came to Drake. And that's when I thought there's no other school but Drake for me."
Interview, Spring 2006

LuVern GrayClass of 1936
"The Depression was on and Drake was a fine school, and nearly all of my close friends were going to be going to Drake."
Interview, Spring 2006

Doris MackamanClass of 1936
"By the time I went to Drake, the senior professors at Drake had been entertained in our house . what I feel was the best that I got from Drake was that feeling of community with an exciting, intellectual group, and also the friendships that came from it."
Interview, Spring 2006

Tracy ParksClass of 1986
"... the way I came to Drake was through track. I really didn't search out any colleges... it just kind of fell in my lap that it was the one track coach that went further than sending just a letter saying we're interested in you. And he furthered it up with a phone call..."
Interview, Spring 2006

Jane AlexanderClass of 1933
"I was looking at Stanford and Northwestern, and every place, but a lot of my friends were going to Drake .."
Interview, Spring 2006

Tricia WakelyClass of 1996
"When I came down here ... the mix was perfect, as far as academics, the athletics, the closeness to home..."
Interview, Spring 2006

Elaine GrahamClass of 1963
"The plan to enter Drake University Business College was based upon the fact my parents were in business and Drake offered a practicum in retailing."
Interview, Spring 2006

Wanda WoodsClass of 1972
"When I arrived on campus, it was just a feel . that this is not bad . and sitting on a bench out in front of Old Main . the squirrels came right up to me and I thought, ok, the squirrels are even friendly, this must be the place."
Interview, Spring 2006

Evelyn GallagherClass of 1936
"I came to Drake because I had a cousin who had come to Drake and later taught at Drake. That's basically why I came and during the middle of the Depression . how my parents ever had enough money to send me, I don't know."
Interview, Spring 2006

Florence MyersClass of 1926
"On graduation it was obvious there would be no college experience at that time, so I applied for a secretarial position which landed me in the office of the Retail Merchant's Secretary of the D. M. Chamber of Commerce . I was typing away one day when the chairman of the Manufactures Bureau stopped at my desk and asked my plans for school in the fall? I replied that I had none . He said, loudly, 'Look, you have a good chance to go to my alma mater, Drake. Their offices need part-time students for help as secretaries. You can plan your classes for part of each day, and work in an office will help with tuition.' So, I did!"

Jane BurnsClass of 1983
"I was lucky to be able to actually pick a school based on what I wanted to do ... Not only was I sure I wanted to be a journalist, but I was also sure that I want to go 'away' to school ... The allure of a small, private school drew me to Drake University. The journalism program was icing on the cake. I liked how the private school was its own little community and wasn't spread out."

Lisa BrinkmeyerClass of 1998
"I didn't want to move too far away, I was kind of a home-body. You know I was kind of homesick. Plus, after I came down here and met the coaches, visited with the coaching staff, I think it was a natural fit. And it was a much smaller school, and I wanted the professors to be able to be there to help me out, and I didn't want to be a number, I wanted to be a name."

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