Life After Drake

Anne AndersonClass of 1963
"Drake is an excellent school and if you choose it, you should be as involved as you can, not only with the school, the college, but outside the college..."
Interview, Spring 2006

Doris MackamanClass of 1936
"The thing that really counts in life is love. Being able to give love and get love is it. You got that and you've got it."
Interview, Spring 2006

Tricia WakelyClass of 1996
"Don't lose touch with the people you've met. Appreciate what you will miss because it will never come back again."
Interview, Spring 2006

Elaine GrahamClass of 1963
"Stay current with the changing world affairs, keep up with changes in your chosen career and participate in life-long learning opportunities."
Interview, Spring 2006

Wanda WoodsClass of 1972
"... enjoy life. Enjoy the challenges because you're going to have them. Always focus on lessons learned. Be open and explore. Always use your mind. Be civic minded ... and make a difference."
Interview, Spring 2006

Jane BurnsClass of 1983
"I'm pursuing things professionally and personally that I never gave a thought to when I was in college, and that's a good thing. Learning is not over by any stretch of the imagination; it keeps going and going and going."

Florence MyersClass of 1926
"In my freshman year I pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma, and while working in the Alumni Office my senior year, our magazine The Key asked for applications of members who would like to serve the newly established Central Office in St. Louis, Mo., as Executive Secretary. I applied, and was accepted . So, I went there in '26 and enjoyed watching the send-off of Lindbergh for his great flight, and the celebration of his return. George Sisler's wife was a Kappa, who gave me a box seat ticket to attend all the Cardinal games with her, and I went! Of my Dad's four daughters, I was the baseball fan, and so, I did enjoy shaking Babe Ruth's hand when playing there."

Mary ClarkClass of 1957
"There are so many things that [graduates] need to hear but they won't pay any attention to until they are closer to my age and realize that that's what life is about... I think that people now have to think about their own responsibility toward making this a better world and what they can do every day to accomplish that. I think that service to fellow man is what we pay to live on this planet. I think we all owe the world our services in some way to make it a better place than when we came into it."

Lisa BrinkmeyerClass of 1998
"I'd tell them to stay in touch with their friends. Never let that friendship flame diminish, because it's sometimes hard to track people down and rekindle that. Always stay active in Drake and know what's going on. There's a lot of people before us that have given to Drake and helped make others' college experiences worthwhile. No matter what you give it's always appreciated, so make sure to give back."

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