Relationships and Events

Anne AndersonClass of 1963
"I had some of the most wonderful professors that the College of Education has ever had..."
Interview, Spring 2006

Tricia WakelyClass of 1996
"It was the way they taught ..., the way that they could hold your attention. They taught with a lot of enthusiasm ... a lot of passion, and it was just contagious."
Interview, Spring 2006

Elaine GrahamClass of 1963
"Dr. Muther and I remained friends until her death. I have two pieces of her family silver acquired from her at the time she moved from her house to live at Scottish Rites Park."
Interview, Spring 2006

Wanda WoodsClass of 1972
"To this day, the five of us, even though we're in different parts of the country, we will get together may be once every two or three years. And that's where you always hear about you form probably your life long relationships at college ... that's really true."
Interview, Spring 2006

Doris MackamanClass of 1936
"We met around his table in his office on Friday afternoons, for two or three hours and discussed what we read. And we took turns bringing coffee and cookies ... it was just delightful, exciting ..."
Interview, Spring 2006

Tracy ParksClass of 1986
"I came into Drake as an undecided major, and soon thereafter switched to math. My advisor was a Dr. Kleiner who is still on campus, and he's wonderful."
Interview, Spring 2006

Lisa BrinkmeyerClass of 1998
"Probably, my best friend coming out of Drake would be Nicole McBean. She came from Chicago and I came from little town, Hubbard. And really Nicole was one of the first Black people I'd ever met and really became good friends with. I mean, on a personal basis... but we both came in the same year to play basketball and we couldn't have been more different. And then after we got to know each other, we realized that we were really similar. And Nicole and I have just been best friends ever since."

Mary ClarkClass of 1957
"Professor James J. Feederlick was a marvelous, warm, enlightened, loving man who also loved the theater and he was beloved by his students, especially the alums. We now have a Drake Theater Alumni group that gives scholarships to theater students and created the James J. Feederlick award after him. We hear from students from decades ago every year when they make their donations to our scholarship fund."

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